Rise to the Challenge

This year has been nothing short of challenging.

For me, it started when I decided to go back to pursue my education. There was a lot of built up fear and anxiety around this difficult decision. There was also a lot of doubt that was brought to my attention should I even try. And then there was actually doing it. Stepping back into the process, re-learning the ways I used to be successful. I also remembered the ways I had failed in the past…the reason I took so long to come back.

But then, the world changed, and life as I had just started to grow accustomed to changed with it. A new normal was put in order. And it has been nothing short of scary and uncertain. We must cope and do our best. I know it has been hard, but we will persevere.

One thing after another…these past years living on my own has taught me so much. For sure, I would say one of the most important lessons life has taught me.

Rise to the Challenge

Everyone goes through trials every day. That is a definite. It is what we do when we are knocked down that makes us who we are. Despite the nay-sayers…despite the inevitable…do we get up and try again anyway?

Do we persevere?

This year, our world seems to have been facing more and more adversaries than before. Or at least, that is what it seems because the only other major major conflicts are those we have read in history books. What happened to them? Those people that went through what we only study and think about?

They rose to the challenge.

Because if they did not, well, then we would not be here today.

We can succeed, in one way or another. We can not only survive, but we can THRIVE.

We just have to keep the faith. Ask for guidance, for forgiveness, for hope of a better tomorrow.

And Rise…

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