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Rise to the Challenge

This year has been nothing short of challenging. For me, it started when I decided to go back to pursue my education. There was a lot of built up fear and anxiety around this difficult decision. There was also a lot of doubt that was brought to my attention should I even try. And then …

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Time. It’s a strange phenomenon that we just flow right through. Sometimes, it drags as we go through those mundane things that we wish we could just rush to get onto something else. Then other times, we blink, and it’s been five years. How we perceive time is very different from one another. Now, when …

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In His Image

I leave my therapist’s office, our session together completed, with a therapeutic opportunity, which is a special assignment meant to reflect on an aspect of my journey of recovery. But it was not just a journal prompt. This time, she made it more personal for me…as a former dancer and lover of the arts…it was …

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