According to Plan…

Well, sometimes life just doesn’t follow what I want. And that’s ok…I KNOW that’s ok. My mantra for the past few years has been:

Everything happens for a reason. Everything happens for a reason.

And that is how I move on. That is how I get past the mistakes, the bad days. Because, well, again, that’s been the joke of 2020, and while laughter is the best medicine, it still leaves me anxious about this whole situation.

Today is July 13th, and I received the email from school on March 13th that changed [once again] my life. And has it been a long four months of quarantine, self-isolation, social distancing, whatever we want to call it?

Yes, yes it has.

But God has blessed me with time to breathe, to be still. To sit back and look at all of the blessings this year has given me. Like the fact that yes, I started school again, and finished my second half of my first semester in forever online. That was a challenge that I am so proud of for myself and my fellow classmates.

I started this blog, even though I haven’t spent much time on it, but I am still working on some things I want to share with you.

I really got back into my YouTube channel I created last year. Ever since that first week home from school, when Spring Break [The Extended Edition] began, I have uploaded a video correlating with my Song of the Week posts on Instagram. It has been a lot of fun, and some very challenging. I averaged about 8 hours per video…one video took me 14 hours. That was a long day…

Unfortunately, my poor computer has finally had enough…as I was trying at the last minute to create a video for today, my memory bank is too full to move on. I was frustrated.

Why not just delete them since they’re already uploaded?

Well, YouTube works in a funny way, sending out copyright strikes like free pamphlets on the streets in big cities. Flags are thrown, videos are blocked, taken down, or muted…I am NOT losing all of this hard work…

I have a solution coming in the mail this week, so I may resume my video editing. Honestly, that has been a huge part of my #quarantineandchill routine. I loved the challenge of making something enjoyable and fun. Hopefully one day others can see it too. [I now have 8 subscribers! Long way from my goal…]

So, yes, my schedule has been compromised this week, after 16 weeks of quarantine and video making…16 WEEKS! But it’s not the end of the world.

Right now, I’m just concentrating on getting ready for school. Lots to do. And I am so excited, cannot wait to start a new semester! Now that I have worked out the kinks and figured out better strategies, it is going to be much much better.

Everything is surprisingly, in control. God’s control. And He is taking care of us all. We just need to continue to have faith.

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