Pen to Paper

Ever since I was in junior high, I always loved my English classes. Writing papers seemed to come naturally to me, and as I got older, I started experimenting with the idea of journaling and creative writing. I cannot get enough of it now. I love to write!

This may sound cliche, but it is so therapeutic. It feels good to have a safe medium to pour your heart and soul into. It does not have to be public, unless you want it to. I found a true desire for journaling a couple of years ago, and it has helped me so much. The process of just letting it all out, having an organized way to navigate thoughts and emotions, it is so relieving. I encourage everyone to try journaling.

I also love to read. I guess they go hand in hand. And reading other stories, fact or fiction, inspire me to do so. Now, I am not saying I am going to become the next big author…but I may try to share my work here, where there is no pressure and hopefully no regrets.

This part of my blog will be dedicated to works I am brave enough to share with you. Because right now, they are just collecting dust, unread in my journals and notebooks…believe me when I say I LOVE stationary…

So whether it is poetry or a short story, I hope you can find something interesting to read here.

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